AMONG US Meme Olympics
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  • LazarBeam

    3 months since the last meme olympics. Good to be back :)

    • clip god
      clip god

      My favorite game is monsters legends plz. Join my team Lazar. Monsters destroys

    • Mina rahimi
      Mina rahimi


    • ahmed tahir
      ahmed tahir

      You can please give me robux and you'll be friends on Roblox

    • Samurai Playz
      Samurai Playz

      Ya boi

    • Clinton Webb
      Clinton Webb

      @Lonely Cookie bet i will sub

  • Mason the moose
    Mason the moose


  • William Hamilton
    William Hamilton

    I like ur shorts Lazar beam

  • Unicorn Gaming
    Unicorn Gaming

    Just try to get stabbed 1:18

  • Eddie Frost
    Eddie Frost

    wut the fuck are ur shorts🤣

  • Mr Animator
    Mr Animator


    • Mr Animator
      Mr Animator

      My game

  • Elizabeth Noborikawa
    Elizabeth Noborikawa

    could you make a ninja mod

  • Kelsey Lanier
    Kelsey Lanier

    Where is the dolerydos

  • Kamar Abdelzahra
    Kamar Abdelzahra

    you’re the best IRbin or ever

  • Jacqui Challis
    Jacqui Challis

    On it there was a charcter from MHA ( Todroki it was from MHA )

  • Jordan Black
    Jordan Black

    I wish Mau and mcreamy did this no offense Alex and nogla

  • Benjamin Hymøller Schneiders
    Benjamin Hymøller Schneiders

    Fun fact: theres two Ftesh's in this vid, ad the word "frisk" is danish for fresh

  • Parker Carey
    Parker Carey


  • Hailey Rowland
    Hailey Rowland

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy.. IM IN THE VIDOE! IM SO HAPPY! (Btw I’m the todoroki in the last round I was so confused and just thought they were fake)

  • Tommy Shooyook
    Tommy Shooyook


  • Soccer girl Lover
    Soccer girl Lover

    Did anyone realize his shirt that says tannar.

  • CoolSam


  • Ana Facusse
    Ana Facusse

    Hi I’m a fan about your among us videos

  • Kai Cooper
    Kai Cooper


  • SummerXXroblox

    anybody notice how LazarBeam is wearing tannas merch? or is it just me?

  • Brock JONES
    Brock JONES

    I added the scores up and lazarbeam actually won

  • Lucas Crispy
    Lucas Crispy

    Random fact: I own the same pair of shorts that lazar wears in the vid

  • Detective Monkey
    Detective Monkey


  • Koby Epic Games
    Koby Epic Games


  • Mahu987gamin

    Did anyone else see that red killed and then they found a red dead body but he was still alive?

  • jstiphout

    meme olympics more like memelympics

  • Ernesto Isassi
    Ernesto Isassi

    try vr like mully

  • Kelly Campagna
    Kelly Campagna

    Lol lazerbeam

  • TTV_ESTAidz _YT
    TTV_ESTAidz _YT

    My son name is ace. 😃🇦🇺

  • armelle casau
    armelle casau

    you wernet wearing lucky ninja underwear

  • Brendan Roche
    Brendan Roche


  • Tiny dude Rj Smith
    Tiny dude Rj Smith

    Lazar u r my idle

  • Tiny dude Rj Smith
    Tiny dude Rj Smith

    Goooooo meeeeemmmmmmeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss

  • The Toilet Demon
    The Toilet Demon

    im still playing Cookie Clicker

  • XxAstroCoopxX


  • TobyYT 49
    TobyYT 49

    • TobyYT 49
      TobyYT 49

      Lazar is the king of memes

  • Crazy Country Kid Playz And Draws 192
    Crazy Country Kid Playz And Draws 192

    His monster is ginge

  • orangetheball

    bro watch this in 0.25 speed lmao

  • Zandra Kilpatrick
    Zandra Kilpatrick

    I am done

  • Random User
    Random User

    Anyone gonna notice the Hamilton line @6:44...? That musical is a fucking masterpiece! Does lazar like it?

  • bobux man
    bobux man

    Who misses the old intro "what's up you bloody legends

  • Jaidenshah

    4:35 nice shorts

  • GetSniped

    Fun fact: this video was uploaded on my birthday

  • Gramma Robinson
    Gramma Robinson

    i know Alex he also plays moltuyplayer piano

  • German Specialist
    German Specialist

    Lazar: No money on the line Bottom right: *Includes Paid Promotion*

  • Matthew Ellison
    Matthew Ellison

    The holy meme olympics😇

  • Plasma Sparkey
    Plasma Sparkey

    Aren’t you happy you son won

  • PeepVeek


  • yeet XD
    yeet XD

    rattatoutie E

  • KrazyKasper3112

    New sub

  • O2isbest

    Why does it look like he is crying at 0:36

  • Arvid Löfström - Ölyckeskolan 4A
    Arvid Löfström - Ölyckeskolan 4A

    I have got the Lazar beam in monsterlegends

  • Lauren Kayes
    Lauren Kayes


  • Fiach Desmond
    Fiach Desmond

    I thought that the final round would be a race

  • Ammar Nour
    Ammar Nour

    i love it how he said no money on the line even tho it says paid promtion

  • zoulfik AMI
    zoulfik AMI

    Lazarbeam is your monster free

  • Tactical Tahmid
    Tactical Tahmid

    no money on the line at the same time it says paid promotion

  • CS IggyBoi
    CS IggyBoi

    im faster than u xD

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    Lazar: no money on the line Everyone: Exits

  • Scout_Gamez

    Freash cheated he rebooted the body

  • Agha Gamer
    Agha Gamer

    'among us' meme olympics are sponsored by monster legends

  • Abyss.

    Monster legends is literally a copy of dragon city lmao

  • Pokemon Fan
    Pokemon Fan

    The hamilton song tho

  • xXThatSmileGuyXx

    I wouldve loved A fall guys meme olympics

  • Areesha Javed
    Areesha Javed

    It’s strange how he’s the host and competitor

  • Kobe Hu
    Kobe Hu

    Sponge bob pants with Patrick xD

  • Kyler Lucier
    Kyler Lucier

    Plz do fortnite again it always made my day when you played 🥺😢😫😭

  • Blue FlopFlop
    Blue FlopFlop

    he puts a 3 finger circle finger thing on his leg for the second round

  • Nayla S
    Nayla S

    I play monster legends

  • E the king
    E the king

    Bruh he breed vanoss and wildcat

  • roderick bridges
    roderick bridges

    Get it for me

  • roderick bridges
    roderick bridges

    November 20 is my birthday

  • Random Trash Studios
    Random Trash Studios

    I bet nobody will reply to this comment, watch

  • Tara Curran
    Tara Curran

    4:37 is he whereing his boxers ?!

  • Amy Rackham
    Amy Rackham

    Is everyone ignoring that he was wearing Tannars merch?

  • Yeet Atra
    Yeet Atra

    Is anyone goanna talk about how lannan is wearing tanners merch...

  • Wolf


    • Wolf

      This is the most pog of pog

  • Noelle Bond
    Noelle Bond


  • Venom721


  • Huzaifa Saqlain
    Huzaifa Saqlain


  • Nevermind Nevermind
    Nevermind Nevermind

    im eating cereal and watching dis.


    I wish laser was my dad

  • Charlotte Barnes
    Charlotte Barnes


  • Charlotte Barnes
    Charlotte Barnes


  • TheMythicWaffle

    Lazar, I know how to make the meme olympics logo for among us

  • Dylan Roseen
    Dylan Roseen

    Yeah. People do play like that. EVERYTIME I JOIN A PUBLIC SEVER. THE PLAYER SPEED IS 3X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anik Morina
    Anik Morina


  • Ken Cabrera
    Ken Cabrera

    I found a meme where dream speed run task in among us before corpse

  • Ivan Lin
    Ivan Lin

    11:33 he is trynna scam us that is very little gold in the game 300k only takes a couple of days to get and you can get 75k food from the game's birthday or when it came out

  • Ryder

    where is your right going mate 4:35

  • Caiti Cat
    Caiti Cat

    Did LazarBeam watch Hamilton? Or did he just find that sound effect

  • Caiti Cat
    Caiti Cat

    Anyone else hear the Hamilton sound effect and they felt so happy inside?

  • ExploFizzYT

    2:58 Lazarbeam: Dude, I am speedrunning Also Lazarbeam: Finishes his 1st task.

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer

    gonna b honest cant tell if hes wearing shorts or just boxers

  • pedropearce


  • Boof Unknown
    Boof Unknown

    Is it just me or does lazar beam eat kidz

  • Peyton Ugle
    Peyton Ugle

    Is at least 1 video where it has not been hilourius (Idk f I spelled it right)

  • Dylon Ciceron
    Dylon Ciceron

    Absolutely no money in line then on my vid "includes paid promotion"

  • Tim Carss
    Tim Carss

    I like it mods

  • Tim Carss
    Tim Carss

    I like it more on among ua