i won with SAND
sand is my favourite fortnite update ever
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  • Uhhh hhh
    Uhhh hhh


  • Just a Dumb dog
    Just a Dumb dog

    The best part of the video.2:20

  • Architech

    2:38 I guess you could say... _It was never meant to be_ -I am so sorry-

  • Parker Duffy
    Parker Duffy

    Bloody ledgend

  • raj sandhu
    raj sandhu

    lazarbeam can u do more memes like this?

  • Thomas Glenister
    Thomas Glenister

    no swear

  • Duolingo

    Why didn't you win with SNAD

  • The Par-Tos Guy
    The Par-Tos Guy

    8:59 oh yah

  • The Taco
    The Taco

    Legend his it that Lannan is still in the sand to this day

  • River A
    River A

    You can tell people still up all night because he has 6 million views

  • lil cozy22
    lil cozy22

    I love how he says "H"

  • L_Carter06


  • Dylan Case
    Dylan Case

    i won doing this it was soooo boring

  • Brandon Wenberg
    Brandon Wenberg

    I love your content

  • Rachael Williams
    Rachael Williams

    The power of the sand lol 😅

  • ً

    Juicy Loot

  • Kevin Do
    Kevin Do

    Where’s bobtim

  • Steven Coyle
    Steven Coyle

    Lazarbeam should try to win with only grenades

  • I love cats TRAViS Clarke
    I love cats TRAViS Clarke


  • blue bexrry
    blue bexrry


  • Lloyd Vere
    Lloyd Vere

    Ryft the fastest edition

  • Puppylover77

    Laser beam: takes a lot of rounds to this Me: the first round

  • Nine_ Baby
    Nine_ Baby


  • Fire Burner YT
    Fire Burner YT

    Epic games: we temperoly disabled sand

  • Adrian Connolly
    Adrian Connolly



    18 m yayy to

  • Melon

    Genius strat; get a shotgun and hide in the sand all game, final circle always has sand

  • Kinga Fortuna
    Kinga Fortuna

    Who else is whatching at 12pm

  • Jake Kammerer
    Jake Kammerer

    can you send me a friend invite on fortnite please? my name is Jaggyu

    • Jake Kammerer
      Jake Kammerer

      @Super Sam The incredible :(

    • Super Sam The incredible
      Super Sam The incredible

      You wish 😂

  • Charlie Hoven
    Charlie Hoven

    you should make other people think your the mandolorian

  • CoolSam


  • zavion dunn
    zavion dunn


  • Immortal gamer 98
    Immortal gamer 98

    This is legendary

  • Porotos Studio
    Porotos Studio


  • E DS Scientist
    E DS Scientist


  • Rylie Paige
    Rylie Paige

    POG POG POG❤️❤️

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    Aaah..Sand ✌

  • Npx me
    Npx me

    Gifting my next 30 subs

  • Anthony pitagno
    Anthony pitagno

    lazer uploding fortnite now is like 1 in a 100000000.0000 % its good aving 3 season 5 vids

  • E-Y-E_FOUND_U—

    Hell yeah

  • Joker

    My IRbin crashed Because lazarbeams videos are too epic and AMAZING

  • Anthony Anderson
    Anthony Anderson

    Amazing 😂

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    "I don't like sand" -fortnite players now

  • brunerlb gaming
    brunerlb gaming

    The guy going down the hill in a truck that was me

  • Jukeboi 2
    Jukeboi 2

    We should laser beams locker bundle

  • Gravity Owl
    Gravity Owl

    This is like purlovias in ark

  • Jessica-Jane Bush
    Jessica-Jane Bush

    This is a good influence of someone who has a sence of humor :]

  • NRG Bxndit
    NRG Bxndit


  • maryssa morland
    maryssa morland

    Where is Joogie

  • Spoopy Skeleton
    Spoopy Skeleton

    New challenge: Win while being downed. How is this possible? Well get fresh and let him demolish the lobby, lose all ur health at soggy swamp head inside the little vent that gives you extra shield and while being downed YOUR DOWWNNED HEALTH DOESNT MOVE AT ALL. Plus you need a teammate alive obviously. P.s You need to turn off fresh's computer again, AND you need you teammate alive in the vent with you cuz in the right spot ur also invis soooo there is a lot of set up.

  • Lleyton Vernon
    Lleyton Vernon

    Can u tell me ur epic so I can add u psl

  • Bandiswa Chiweshe
    Bandiswa Chiweshe

    Good job 👏

  • Andre Turner
    Andre Turner

    Come get the loot mate 😂😂😂😅😅😅😄😄😄😆😆😆

  • Keneil Pryce
    Keneil Pryce

    I feel so bad for the guy that got a lot of kills then get kill by laserbeam 😭😭

  • Rozen

    don't ever trust loot

  • Policeforce253

    hey lazar video idea: did you now you can get more than 1 of mandos snipers in the mandos bonty ltm so you could get 5 of them.

  • Bodoques3 Roblox and more!
    Bodoques3 Roblox and more!

    Only og’s will remember theese words Bouncy bouncy, aww such a good time bouncy bouncy

  • superflycb

    Lazar beam why are you trash at the game not to be rude but I think I’m way better than you

  • Daniel Oxley
    Daniel Oxley

    Lazarbeam is the only fortnite content I will watch

  • Hannah Doran
    Hannah Doran

    no one: anikin skywalker watching this video: 😳😳 (i don’t like sand)

  • Jacob Worden
    Jacob Worden

    I am te sand guardian. Guardian of the sand. Poseidon quivers befor him!

  • Мистер Поггерс
    Мистер Поггерс

    He s hounds like my uncle saying: Come get the looot, come get it friend

  • Chris Champion
    Chris Champion




  • Chungy lover 420
    Chungy lover 420

    Ima just say it how tf do people still enjoy this game?

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Fine I’ll stop talking calm down geez

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    Did u know once I won fortnite by killing one person another time a few years before that happened I won fortnite by killing NOBODY I just kept grappling cuz it was unlimited grapple ammo and all of the sudden I won that was my first win and though I didn’t kill anyone I was happy lol a few days or weeks later I sniped someone and lasered someone else

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    The sand is so op I think when in the sand u go faster also once again you go faster so when people try to shoot at you you can run and do a small orbit around them to tease them then jump out and do it like a boss (kill him what did you think I meant by do it you dirty minded punk)

  • Edward Finley
    Edward Finley

    One of the greatest vids I’ve ever watched

  • Travisdog6

    I don’t like sand they kill noobs and get everywhere

  • LAURA hough
    LAURA hough

    you are my best youtuber i lllllllllllooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee your vidioes

  • hanunija

    The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ!

  • M4RYW

    please, can you give me a skin? :) Because I am a default and I have no skin and my name is Oficial530_ :)

  • Megan Bridger
    Megan Bridger


  • Megan Bridger
    Megan Bridger


  • Megan Bridger
    Megan Bridger


  • Megan Bridger
    Megan Bridger


  • Megan Bridger
    Megan Bridger


  • Megan Bridger
    Megan Bridger


  • Noah Lea
    Noah Lea

    I have to try this

  • Motivational lizard
    Motivational lizard

    Anakin skywalkers worst nightmare

  • Keanu Kumarasamy
    Keanu Kumarasamy

    fortnite is gay

    • Saul Velarde
      Saul Velarde

      Yes sir

  • Vicky Fox
    Vicky Fox


  • Caroline Sullivan
    Caroline Sullivan


  • AdzerFitz Gaming
    AdzerFitz Gaming

    I agree

  • AdzerFitz Gaming
    AdzerFitz Gaming


  • Gab E
    Gab E


  • Gab E
    Gab E

    Hey lazzeeeeeerbbbbeeeeeeeaaaaaam can we do a 1v1 for a skin my epic is 200T vayz and i am not a tryharder

    • Saul Velarde
      Saul Velarde

      @Gab E no u r a bot

    • Gab E
      Gab E


  • Jupiterials

    can we just thank fortnite for not making the game not a game where its NEEDED to buy stuff ,like yes there are a lot of microtransactions but you don't NEED them

  • Marijana Lovrekovic
    Marijana Lovrekovic

    Lannan cannot die when he is meming

  • lava wolf8
    lava wolf8

    He is why I play fortnite

  • J Master
    J Master

    Fortnite is done plz play some Roblox!

  • Travis Kindle
    Travis Kindle

    Is anyone crying cause he rages and it’s so funny

  • Dbzmans

    Lost a sub haha all your shit is private. And getting kinda boring to watch haha

  • yee teerr
    yee teerr

    Yo lazar i just got a report from the docters that in 1 week im gonna stop breathing

  • William Koenig
    William Koenig

    how do you go in the sand

  • Isaiah Hughes
    Isaiah Hughes


  • Daniel Noble
    Daniel Noble

    4:29 I'm not sure if he said f u c k off or parkour😂

    • Rowan Blanchard
      Rowan Blanchard

      Oh lol it sounds like both

  • Jeffy Films
    Jeffy Films

    anakin I don’t like sand Lazarbeam I am sand