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  • LazarBeam

    this game is actually really fun but normal videos should be starting soon... not been my best mental months :)

    • Jairomerica123




    • mr beast
      mr beast


    • Erin salidu
      Erin salidu

      Why did you quit fortnite I’m 😭 😭😭😭😭😭

    • lonniejwaffle

      Sick "Lazar The GrandWizard"

  • virax BTW
    virax BTW

    get a win on warzone

  • insidah development
    insidah development

    I've been watching Lazarbeam since late 2014, he has evolved

  • Paul Rodriguez
    Paul Rodriguez


  • Mr. Priest
    Mr. Priest

    Try winning a warzone solo

  • CaL Boyo
    CaL Boyo

    The cowboy dude looks like McCree from overwatch 😂

  • Braden Shumard
    Braden Shumard

    I just tried it... I got a 4 kill solo duo win my first game😂

  • Michael Pene
    Michael Pene

    Do we tell him...

  • Bryson Lamb 2673
    Bryson Lamb 2673

    My fist match on this game I got a win it's not that hard and I got 5 exiles

  • RetroSplash

    I played this for a week or so earlier this year and for some reason I just sucked. I don’t know if I will try to play this again.

  • Kingsley Mah
    Kingsley Mah

    I love how he plays with 5 years olds

    • Baked Potato
      Baked Potato


  • Metal Gaming
    Metal Gaming


  • Metal Gaming
    Metal Gaming


  • Metal Gaming
    Metal Gaming


  • Metal Gaming
    Metal Gaming


  • Metal Gaming
    Metal Gaming


  • Metal Gaming
    Metal Gaming


  • Metal Gaming
    Metal Gaming


  • Metal Gaming
    Metal Gaming


  • Metal Gaming
    Metal Gaming


  • Jason / Nayef
    Jason / Nayef

    I’m glad he still the same lazarbeam

  • clux

    your aim

  • LazyArham

    Fresh is dumbledore lannan is harry

  • Katie Gibson
    Katie Gibson

    nice azer

  • Zuzlx

    Play warzone laza

    • Fifty


  • SirOofsAlot

    This game is so bad it makes fortnite look good

  • Lorena Lopez
    Lorena Lopez

    Let’s just hope he gets back in Fortnite because of the predator and maybe he wants to get the mythic item for the predator boss and get yeeted out the lobby since the Predator

  • Clipped


  • Ayla Coupland
    Ayla Coupland

    Charli d has passed fresh on subscribers😭😭😭

  • BIG MAC 56
    BIG MAC 56

    I won my 2nd game and then got another win with my friends

  • Yt jason0102017
    Yt jason0102017

    Ice arrow fresh you're weird

  • Yt jason0102017
    Yt jason0102017

    I love it deleted for space tho

  • Yt jason0102017
    Yt jason0102017

    Oh shit this the wizard game

  • Jesus Jimenez
    Jesus Jimenez

    lazarbeam can you play more robloxs

  • MFG Demon M
    MFG Demon M

    What Mike do you use

  • Sam Dankyi
    Sam Dankyi


  • Maybe _Mercy YT
    Maybe _Mercy YT

    I have a meme the people who coment so láser dam likes them and then show it of

  • Dean Gess
    Dean Gess

    Surprising it’s on Nintendo switch

  • Darius porter
    Darius porter

    The unarmed acoustic differently wrap because machine generically trot unlike a aboriginal buffer. actually, billowy milkshake

  • David Hoyos
    David Hoyos

    He should use fire

  • boom games
    boom games

    Bro that kinda looks like it's smg4 tari season 1 last episode supported ngl

  • Manjit Singh
    Manjit Singh

    BRO i am a og since 2015 and tbh this channel has changed dude you should go back to madden

  • The QuiccVelociraptor
    The QuiccVelociraptor

    I got my first win the first time I ever played lol

  • TinTraxImo

    Lazarbeam: Every time a new Battle Royale releases I try to win it. Also Lazarbeam: Never even plays Warzone

  • David Owen
    David Owen

    I am a boy on dads ipad me and my friend marioGabrial07 made u and fresh a Fortnite creative island my Fortnite username is UltimateWill199 love your vids btw

  • CoolSam


  • RedDevil _27
    RedDevil _27

    Gg gamer

  • Reshiram IsAwesome
    Reshiram IsAwesome

    lazarBeam died his first run but i won my first run and im worse at fortnite.

  • Sliepnir YT
    Sliepnir YT

    I got a win on my first match, must’ve got lucky

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams

    This is funny cause he’s a adult who has been playing video games for his job and I’m a child who won the first match I ever played

  • Dogy twa
    Dogy twa

    When you realise that you start your first game with literal bots

  • GamesTrooper

    Don’t turn back now

  • m m
    m m

    me winning this game like 5 times my first 5 games with 20 plus kills everytime

  • Katina Ready
    Katina Ready

    One my first game lol

  • Elijah Bonneville
    Elijah Bonneville

    I played this and i reacted the same when i got a win

  • pinguinul gospodar sorin
    pinguinul gospodar sorin

    i love spellbreak is so cool when i made my first royale battle there i won and it was my first time i ever played this game i give it 5+++++ stars

  • Gaming PC
    Gaming PC

    and epic games ...

  • Campbell Reiser
    Campbell Reiser

    I won my first game of this against bots last year.

  • Aydin Gurfer
    Aydin Gurfer

    At fortnite lol jk I just need a joke for my self

  • Salem Verlie
    Salem Verlie

    Sorry I can ot join I am a big fan thank you for making content That's actually good!

  • Joshua Hooley
    Joshua Hooley

    good job LazarBeam keep it up

  • holygamer 2
    holygamer 2

    Watch im bored lazer beam its sssoooooo goood song

  • 『Nafiscooldoo』

    Tel us remember this in history

  • Blackaar

    Your a wizard harry

  • Jaydo Smarsh
    Jaydo Smarsh

    Can you give me your spellcasting account

  • Wyatt Nelson
    Wyatt Nelson


  • Ramogi Otiende
    Ramogi Otiende

    I lik air

  • Cristian Buritica
    Cristian Buritica

    This game is actually amazing and I’m not a bot

  • Jermey Lirette
    Jermey Lirette

    All the x box players😞🥺😭

  • TrustmeimRUssian ?
    TrustmeimRUssian ?

    This is the better version of Harry Potter tbh with ya

  • Crotelic Gaming
    Crotelic Gaming

    Lmao I played spellbreak like 8 months ago

  • Brod


  • We are Gamers
    We are Gamers

    Lazar stressed me you look the same

  • RainyMoney69

    3:28 I make voltamor look like a hamster 😂

  • Lil saint
    Lil saint


  • Frosted Fox
    Frosted Fox

    Try playing realm royale

  • Con4ir

    My first win on this game was with 13 kills POG CHAMP

  • Itsyaboytubby

    His problem was listening to fresh thinking lighting was the best 😂

    • Itsyaboytubby

      And I forgot to put wrong in that last txt

    • Itsyaboytubby

      Ik I spelled lightning so don’t even say nun

  • Jalynn Cummings
    Jalynn Cummings

    OK so this is pretty funny that this is his first win because my first win was the first time you play the game wow I know it might sound like a jerk right here and there but wowwww. Also my favorite element is ice because you can skate on it yes I know. The ice skates are good for out running the storm

  • Dawson little Outdoors
    Dawson little Outdoors

    Who else joined not a clue what he was playing

  • rblanchette13 rblanchette13
    rblanchette13 rblanchette13

    Im so proud my first was with 10 kills :D

  • Diana Drappel
    Diana Drappel

    Who wants a video we’re he wins a game with ever tier 100 skin Sign here. ⬇️

  • Nathaniel Pannebaker
    Nathaniel Pannebaker

    Watch him go pro in this or something

  • Gucci Gang
    Gucci Gang

    Everyone gangster till the disabled kid walks

  • Role play central
    Role play central

    my fist win was on the fist game i palyed

  • maryssa morland
    maryssa morland

    Where is Joogie

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams

    Not to be mean lazar but..... i won my first game with 7 kills .-.

  • 9 A Kilian Tristan
    9 A Kilian Tristan

    I dont get it i just played the game and won on my first try.

  • Ben Davies
    Ben Davies

    No joke I actually got a win first try... That was yesterday lol

  • thelaptopdragon Kalle
    thelaptopdragon Kalle

    whats game name pls respond

  • Tanner Oury
    Tanner Oury

    New season of apex pls

  • SMeed

    There’s always a new battle Royale that you have to get a “first win” with

  • Finley Coole
    Finley Coole

    LAZARBEAM YOU SHOULD TRY THESE!!! THEY HELP ON YOUR EYES WHILE GAMING!!! Look up: "Blue Blocking Glasses: Great for Gamers, Workaholics, Computer Junkies, and Late Night TV Addicts, Amber-Tinted Lenses, Stylish Frames, Blue-Blocking Glasses Help to Fight Eye Strain and Fatigue"

  • Olivia Moore
    Olivia Moore

    How many attempts did ya really do

  • Just A kid
    Just A kid

    And won my first fuckin game

  • Just A kid
    Just A kid

    I used fire type

  • Just A kid
    Just A kid

    I won my first game of spell break

  • Txoni

    I got an ad aboutt kids internet safty. Are they saying somthing aboutt you lazar?

  • Miguel Isaac Rendon
    Miguel Isaac Rendon


  • JackNCheese 5
    JackNCheese 5

    you need to play Terraria