Teaching MY DAD Fortnite
lazarbeams dad plays fortnite very funny
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  • LazarBeam

    My dad is my hero so i hope you enjoy this wholesome content

    • Dennisdailycom1

      @Tumford mm

    • Thiago Couto
      Thiago Couto

      Your dad is my hero too kkkkk

    • WrangWrang is me
      WrangWrang is me

      I sure did

    • Tolol Kali
      Tolol Kali


    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      How's your dad doing by the way

  • Oldwiseone-won Ps4
    Oldwiseone-won Ps4

    This is a lot different from when he hit lannan with a spoon

  • Gloria Pearson
    Gloria Pearson

    His dad is amazing

  • fuzzy onxy
    fuzzy onxy

    anyone one else see the the lama

  • Seema Odedara
    Seema Odedara

    Did anyone see the lama they passed

  • Tom Clague
    Tom Clague

    Lazar dad 2021: I got me fish now 😄 Lazar dad 2017: if ya don’t make it to the top of the mountain, ima belt ya anyway

  • Cameron Miller
    Cameron Miller

    6:00 There is a fred

  • NyJii'mah Kee
    NyJii'mah Kee

    did anyone else see the llama ?

  • Amanda Daye
    Amanda Daye

    6:00 who else seen that llama

  • Jack Powell
    Jack Powell

    Lazar beams dad is a beast

  • Luc Ramsay
    Luc Ramsay

    Maybe fresh next time will teach ur father to plsy Fortnite

  • Pickle_Boi116 Yeet
    Pickle_Boi116 Yeet

    Lazarbeam Dad just so funny, lol and so wholesome

  • Roman Cimarolli
    Roman Cimarolli

    who saw the llama when his dad was driving

  • BonkingGame Zone
    BonkingGame Zone

    Hey lannan I am not sure about how I feel about your father say “96 hours later” and then “I am exhausted after that”

  • Kornél Bakondi
    Kornél Bakondi

    Your dad is very pro fornite gamer.

  • freddie kou
    freddie kou

    your dad is better than you

  • Tommaso Cirone
    Tommaso Cirone

    This shit is so wholesome

  • Dale Hansen
    Dale Hansen

    Bro I love your dad

  • TbrGamex

    ur dad is getting better am a sweat wanna battle my usename is TbrYT

  • Ryker Belcher
    Ryker Belcher

    Did anybody see the lama while his dad was driving?

  • Simon Pitt
    Simon Pitt

    It was so funny 😂

  • Oskar Packer
    Oskar Packer

    He myte be better than ninja 😂😂😂😂

  • Emily Ashton
    Emily Ashton

    Lazarbeams dad day one off playing fortnite can’t aim Day two cranks 90s

  • Solano Mojica
    Solano Mojica

    lazar dad: im gonna die i can feel it me: lol


    Teaching my dad fortnite part 2?

  • Gito Saenz
    Gito Saenz


  • Daksh Thakur
    Daksh Thakur

    Lazardad 😅😆😆😆

  • Potato And Chip
    Potato And Chip

    Don't lie, we all want a dad like lazarbeam's dad

  • Clinton Webb
    Clinton Webb

    At 6:00 there a lamma

  • madz campbell
    madz campbell

    Your dad is crakt at fortnite

  • Isaac Idlette
    Isaac Idlette

    The only people he killed were bots...but yay! At least he won and got some kills

    • Zane Cantu
      Zane Cantu

      Yeah pretty good for his first day

  • Abbey Geele
    Abbey Geele


  • Abbey Geele
    Abbey Geele


  • fortnite gamer
    fortnite gamer

    He is better then Ninja

  • Owen Reaney
    Owen Reaney

    Your dad’s smile made me smile

  • Bulbasaur

    I hope that Lazarbeams dad will end up becoming an actual fortnite gamer and start appearing in more videos

  • Alex Lloyd
    Alex Lloyd

    You missed a lamma

  • joe mensah
    joe mensah



    I love your dad lazar


    Him watching a player passing the street later beam like go the dad but the pedestrian gets the right away

  • Oliver Cranny
    Oliver Cranny

    Is your dad Greg Norman?

  • Thomas McEwan
    Thomas McEwan

    Oh and help me get the preaator skin

  • Thomas McEwan
    Thomas McEwan

    Lazarbeam can you help me on fornite my name is SCOTSGUARDS and use code Lazar

  • CoolSam


  • Robot4 Life #ad youtubers are the best
    Robot4 Life #ad youtubers are the best

    I was the first view for this vid when u posted it

  • gamerkidforlife


  • FaZe Just1n ッ
    FaZe Just1n ッ

    5:59 there is a llama

  • SuB2 CoHeN YEET!!!
    SuB2 CoHeN YEET!!!

    He mist a lama

  • OSB-Alex

    Lazar dad is better than justin👍

  • Alex Androus
    Alex Androus

    mate he exacut his son

  • nuke taco
    nuke taco

    We need fresh lazar lazar dad and lazar mum to get a win

  • Joel Kosinski
    Joel Kosinski

    What an embarrassment

  • 2027 Adam El-Bizri
    2027 Adam El-Bizri

    Lazarbeam’s dad is a god

  • steven vanegas
    steven vanegas

    The glib pear cellularly expect because cucumber seemingly terrify into a colorful drain. selective, secretive multi-hop

  • Isabella Saxe
    Isabella Saxe

    Are you winning son?

  • Hergi Toli
    Hergi Toli

    Eeeeiiii even lazabeam s dad knows that fresh is his grandson

  • JR OG
    JR OG

    Classic season 2 bot

  • cl0msy

    Now play with you nephew and your dad

  • Harry Leach
    Harry Leach

    Yo I think lannans dad is better than him

  • Jacobsrich

    I was triggered when I saw a llama and they never took it

  • Jose Machado Moreno
    Jose Machado Moreno

    No one is too old to Play a Video Game.

  • One Thousand
    One Thousand

    U missed a lama

  • Mike Pigeau
    Mike Pigeau

    Replay the video and there is a llama

  • Gweg da egg
    Gweg da egg

    there was a lama

  • gaming with finlay
    gaming with finlay

    There was a llama

  • Aaron-James

    6 minutes into the video did anyone see the Lamma on the hill

  • Effie Rapti
    Effie Rapti

    I thoaught birsts and pumPs were out

  • cono07

    It's not like he stole this idea from elliot

  • Harry Jurtz
    Harry Jurtz

    When his dad is better than you on controller

  • Stanley Channell
    Stanley Channell

    Do lazarbeam dad vs bhodi

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson

    Can you friend me on fortnite

  • Game Tails
    Game Tails

    This is so wholesome

  • Huxley Becker
    Huxley Becker


  • Martha Castillo
    Martha Castillo

    Lazar your dad was in my game and he Cranked 90’s on someone

  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor

    Soon just soon he will be better than fresh

  • Happykittycat


  • Conor dowling
    Conor dowling

    Shut up Erou


    5:59 there was a llama

  • Lukieplayz

    I literally just hoped on fortnight after a year and the first match i got a victory royal

    • Lukieplayz

      What game doesn't bit there was lot's of sweats

    • Grady DePaulo
      Grady DePaulo

      Cause ur first game had bots in it lol

  • Tripton Puffinbarger
    Tripton Puffinbarger

    Everyone gangsta till lazar dad drops a 20 bomb

  • jonathan fuertes
    jonathan fuertes

    more vids with your dad plz

  • Brendan Lynch110
    Brendan Lynch110

    I loved this !!!

  • Fire Gamzer
    Fire Gamzer

    Lazar there was a llama when you and the best gamer on earth a.k.a. ur dad was heading to lazy lake

  • Juan C0213
    Juan C0213

    who else saw the llama

  • Silence Fn
    Silence Fn

    I saw a lama

  • ExplainingGaming


  • Alex Yazbeck
    Alex Yazbeck

    we need a part 2

  • Brayden Money
    Brayden Money

    By the way I love u lazerbeam

  • Brayden Money
    Brayden Money

    Ya needs to learn in th beginning tho

  • Chris_Mac22 PS4
    Chris_Mac22 PS4

    This has been the best 11 mins of my life😂

  • David Jacobs
    David Jacobs

    Dude your dad is gonna be SO CRACKED

  • Courtney Tefend
    Courtney Tefend


  • Courtney Tefend
    Courtney Tefend

    Ur dad is a total bit lol

  • TheFilmMaker

    Lannan turned fortnite into a family bonding game


  • Dana Foxx
    Dana Foxx

    The amazing curve joly extend because park behaviourally switch failing a heartbreaking textbook. feeble feigned, absent north america

  • SoccerBROS 86
    SoccerBROS 86

    This just made me laugh this is great

  • SoccerBROS 86
    SoccerBROS 86

    I showed my dad how to make an account (he picked fatgary1971 for his name lol) and now he plays it till 1:00 am every night and he got 2 kills and learned what cracked means lmao

  • Gordon Hinds
    Gordon Hinds

    Oh my gosh he did so good on the first try GG he did so good though you did too

  • Veng3r

    This would make for an awesome sitcom... :P